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Talk Therapy

Adrienne Michelle, LMFT Radical Healing
2007 Chapel Hill Road
Durham, NC 27707

* Accepting new clients starting January 2019
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Therapy can often be mundane so I try to accommodate my clients in ways that may seem unconventional. From taking a walk through the park, meeting at public spaces or doing something adventurous together; I like to offer a service that help my clients feel as comfortable as possible to overcome challenges and continuing to reach their goals.

Sessions start at $150 per hour. For a personalized consultation and session please click here.

Speaking Engagements and Keynotes

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity: Education is the bridge to Understanding
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Companies & Agencies of All Sizes: Cultivate a culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Finding my Sense of Self: Living a more Authentic Life
  • Purpose & Motivational: Autobiographical; A Queer Woman of Color Experience


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Diversity and Inclusion

It's a little bit of chemistry, and backed by years of experience. Sometimes we all need an objective mind breaking down the boundaries, to help create new ones that as more inclusive for everyone. We help companies and individuals step outside of themselves and their affiliations in order to educate their unconscious bias. We start by assessing environment and then use education and company culture + using our own playbook backed by years of experience to foster change. We understand that some companies are extremely progressive, while others have more difficult learning curves, risks and dependencies involved. Through assessment, education, recommendations and evaluation -- we help our clients create a more diverse and inclusive workspace. Perhaps in your organization, diversity and social justice hasn't been at the forefront of corporate responsibility - and now with further education - you want to ensure your team is respected and valued.

Diversity and Inclusion training helps your team communicate more authentically, in more open and respectful manners. Perhaps your organization prides itself on being very progressive and even though everyone on your team is united in the mission of creating a better world; when there is a conflict, the stakes, sensitivity, and stress may be too high to work through effectively. If it seems like feelings are getting hurt and voices are being silenced, you may crave better tools to work through workplace tensions.